Professional HEADSHOTS for Professional People

Frequently Asked Questions

We often shoot onsite for companies who require team headshots. We can travel to your location with a pop-up studio and deliver the same high-quality service that you would expect from our studio experience. For individual headshot sessions, we recommend a visit to our high end studio so that you can enjoy the full service experience without the distractions of your regular work environment.

Rest, sleep well, visit your barber or hair dresser, shave, hydrate. All good advice for your non-headshot days too. It’s worth trying on a couple of different outfit choices and checking for fit. Does the collar fit correctly, do you look good and feel great? If the answer is yes then pack those outfits. Make sure that you have a very clear idea about the different use cases you have in mind for using your headshot.

You don’t have to book a hair and makeup artist for your shoot but if you are planning to invest in your headshot session for the purpose of personal branding and the assets are going to form a large part of your marketing activity, we would recommend that you consider the additional benefit of booking a professional to help with your hair and makeup. We don’t employ any in-house hair and makeup specialists but we are happy to make introductions. If you are considering booking a hair and makeup specialist and you’d like some additional help and advice, just call us directly for a chat about your requirements.

We don’t use make up or powders on men to diminish shine on the skin. We light our subjects in a may that ensures a great image without the requirement for powders etc. Professional headshots don’t typically require make up but if you’re an actor, performing artist, influencer etc and you would normally use a particular set of products then feel free to bring them along to the session. You should feel comfortable preparing for the session by wearing the products that would normally feature in your regular skincare regime.

For professional headshots, it’s important to dress for the role you have or the role that you are aiming to achieve. Dress in a manner that is appropriate for your industry and role while choosing a number of outfits to try during the shoot. Actors and performing artists should bring a number of different looks to represent the range that you’re hoping to achieve for your portfolio. The most important consideration is how you feel in the clothes you choose. If you feel great you’ll take a great photograph so make sure that you choose outfits that look good but most importantly feel great.

Bring enough to get a range of looks while still conforming to the norms in your industry. It’s not a bad idea to bring a couple of wild cards in with your choices but there’s no time limit or restriction on the number of outfits that you can bring.

Jewelry can be distracting as it’s main objective is to draw the eye of the viewer. We want the viewer to look directly at your face and specifically in to your eyse so jewellry is often not ideal. If you have a piece that has a significant meaning for you or something that you’re never seen without then you can shoot with it but it’s always worth capturing a couple of images without in order to bring all of the attention directly to you.

If you have pierced ears then it’s best to opt for studs or subtle jewellry. If you’re known for wearing a particular style or earing then bring them but consider shooting something subtle during your session in order to get the best range of images possible.

We shoot tethered in the studio which means that the camera is attached to our computer which is also connected to a secondary display. Reviewing every image as we go can ultimately be a distraction but we’ll take regular breaks to review the images, discuss the outfits and lighting that works best for you and assess the progress we’re making as we go through the shoot. You’ll get plenty of opportunity to assess each outfit and lighting set up and check on the images that we’re making.

After the shoot, we’ll take a moment to grab a coffee or a cup of tea. I will review your images and do a quick initial cull in order to reject any of the test shots we might have taken or any images with technical inconsistancies. You can take a break and have a seat for 5 minutes. Once the images are ready, we’ll look through them on a large screen and you’ll get expert aadvice on which images work best and why. We’ll cull the images down to a suitable number so that it’s easy to see the choices you have available and from there you can choose the images that you want to purchase.

The session fee is due in full prior to the confirmation of your booking and is non-refundable. Your individual image cost will be unknown until you attend your session and make your choices for editing and final delivery. You can pay contactlessly for the images as soon as you have chosen them and if you require additional paperwork to validate your expenses we will send it digitally immediately after the session.

Images are delivered digitally in a number of formats. You’ll get your fully retouched edits in their original crop as you viewed them during the session, a cinematic crop and a square crop. They’ll be delivered in high resolution and smaller sizes, optimised for use online. We’ll also provide duplicate images in alternate rotations so you can make sure that you are always facing the content whether you’re using them online or in print.

We don’t tie you in to any predetermined packages. You can buy as many images as you want for a per image price. If you are looking for a single image that’s fine, if you need 100 professional headshots that’s fine too. It’s important to us that you get exactly what you want from your shoot, no more and no less.

Our standard editing proces includes skin retouching – (removing blemishes and evening out skin tone), fixing the fly away hairs and background matching. All of the editing is done in house to the highest standard and every image in our portfolio has been edited to the highest quality. The end result will be a perfectlt edited image that looks as if it hasn’t been edited at all. Additional levels of editing are availabe to include liquidising (weight loss and reshaping), fixing make up etc. If you think you need any additional retouching, we can discuss it prior to your session to help you understand the processes that are available and the additional costs that might be incurred.

We take our time on the editing to make sure that each image reaches our exacting standards. All editing is done in house as opposed to being outsourced to international companies which is the norm for the majority of UK headshot photographers. Depending on our current workload, you can expect to recieve your images within 5 working days but our current average is to deliver the images within 2 working days of the shoot. The number of images purchased can have an impact on your delivery time but we will make you aware of your expected turnaround at the end of the shoot. Images can be delivered individually if the edits are urgent and a fast turnaround service is available at an additional cost.

We don’t allow unedited images to leave the studio. Images are in a professional format that can’t be easily viewed/edited and they will often have lighting equipment or stands encroaching in to the frame of the image prior to editing. If you are working with anagency or another third party who employ their own retouchers they can contact us directly to discuss the best workflow available to meet your requirements.

We keep a backup of the editied images in our onsite data silo which is backed up to a multi-location cloud based, encrypted backup service. We do not guarantee to have your images available for you if you require additional copies in the future but we do take every precaution to ensure that our images are stored safely and backed up correctly. We cannot backup your unedited shots due to the number of images and the file sizes so after the session the rejected images will be deleted.

We generally delete the images that are not chosen for editing after each session but the reality is that our backup system will store cloud based copies for up to 30 days after deletion. We run a scheduled deletion and disc clean up as opposed to manually deleting images immediately after the shoot. It may be possible to come back the archive for additional edits but we would advise you to purchase the images you want on the day of your shoot as we can’t guarantee that they will be available in the future. If you want to purchase some images that are outside of your current budget just let us know at the end of your session and we will do our best to accomodate you.