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  • clair haynes

    Great session with Ben for some headshots. I've worked with many photographers over the years including top London ones and... read more

    Marc Ford

    Absolutely loved the headshot that Ben took. Not only was it relaxed and fun, but as a very 'unphotogenic' person,... read more

    Paul Keaveny

    Great experience with The Headshot Company. Ben is very talented, has a great ability to put you at ease.... read more

  • Hiten Vyas

    Ben is an extremely talented and highly professional photographer. I was extremely impressed by him from the moment I stepped... read more

    Dhruv Pandya

    Ben is very talented and knows how to get the right image. With some prior research and right equipment to... read more

    Jonathan Lindsey

    Ben is so much more than a photographer. He makes you feel at ease, fully appreciates the ridiculousness that the... read more

  • Andrew J S

    Had a great portrait photo session with Ben who was friendly and helpful. We got some great pics out of... read more

    Ladey Adey

    Not only did I have a remarkable photography session with Ben Carrick but I was put at ease, had a... read more

    Grant Mason

    I wanted a few corporate headshots for LinkedIn etc. Ben was professional, made me feel at ease and I'm delighted... read more

  • Tim Elliott

    I had a great photoshoot with Ben for social media headshots and imagery for my speaker profile.

    Ben was really...
    read more

    The Mighty Zoltan

    Ben Carrick is a truly amazing and professional photographer who really knows his stuff. For me, he turned something I... read more


    Great professional company, got some great headshots, will definitely use again in the future!

  • Connall Pugh

    It was my first time ever having a professional headshot but I was soon made to feel at ease under... read more

    Josh Brown

    Ben promptly delivered me with a great business headshot. He made me feel very relaxed at the shoot and I... read more

    Julian Clapton

    Made to feel welcome from the start ,very relaxed and professional.

  • Dave Tilford

    Had a headshot session today with Ben. I personally dreaded having my picture taken as it usually looks awful (but... read more

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Individual Headshot Sessions

You know the value of a decent headshot for representing yourself to your customers and network on Linkedin and other online platforms. You understand the need for an amazing headshot that makes you stand out from the competition online and in your other marketing assets. Standing in front of a camera for an extended period and having your picture taken seems like an uncomfortable proposition.

We’ve got you!!

Almost 100% of clients will arrive at the studio feeling some level of apprehension.
“You won’t get a good picture of me!” – “I always blink!” – “I hate having my picture taken!”
That’s why we pride ourselves on the ability to make our clients feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. It’s important to remember that your image is not your responsibility, the photographer is entirely responsible for how you look on camera, your confidence and “lookability”.

Portraying a sense of confidence, coupled with the warmth and approachability required to make real connections with real people in an online world is a very delicate balance. You’ll be working with an expert in posing and expression coaching to make sure that you look great and feel comfortable during the session. You’ll be over the moon with your images and your online presence will never have looked so good.

After your headshot session, we’ll take the time to help you cull through the final images and ultimately to select the images that you want from various outfit choices, backgrounds and lighting setups. You’ll benefit from expert advice about what makes a good headshot and why. We’ll cull through your images until we have a suitable selection of your favourites and from their you can make your choices regarding which images you want to purchase for editing.

There’s no packages, no hard sell and no obligation to buy. If you want to buy a single image that’s fine and if you want 100 image variations then that’s fine too. It’s important to us that you get the images you want, no more and no less so the final selection is entirely yours to make.

Our online booking form makes it simple to schedule your headshot session for a time that suits you. You can even contact us directly if you need to book a time outside of our regular hours.
Once your booking is completed, you’ll receive an email confirmation along with a reminder the day before your shoot.

Our pricing is built around a single session fee and a per-edit price. We don’t tie you in to packages, time slots or any preconceived ideas about what you want to achieve in your headshot session. The headshot sessions are unlimited in that you can bring as many outfit changes as you like, shoot as many backgrounds as you want, try multiple lighting setups if necessary and spend as long as you need in the studio to make sure that you get the images you want.

After the session you will be delighted with the images we make, the experience of the shoot and the results you get once you start using your new Headshot.
We’re confident that we can provide you with the best image of your professional self that you have ever seen.

Events, Groups and Corporate Shoots

When displaying your team headshots on any of your marketing collateral, you are showing off your most important asset. Whether you need images for printed literature or the internet, quality and consistency are key. We often say that “People buy from people” so it makes sense to utilise the people in our organisations to the fullest.

Arranging for your entire team to attend a headshot session can be a logistical nightmare but we aim to make it effortless for you. We can shoot your entire team, either in our high end studio space or onsite at your office or workspace. We can provide a pop-up portrait studio or shoot “environmental portraits” of your team in their natural habitat. Our initial telephone consultation will help to pinpoint exactly what you need from your headshot session, the use cases for your images and the marketing assets that you need to promote your team and your brand. Our aim is to deliver the most value possible with the least amount of effort from your management team. We can manage the entire process from booking to final image delivery resulting in less work for you and an effortless experience for your team members.

For businesses with multiple locations, we can liaise directly with a member of staff from each site in order to arrange a suitable schedule, easily managing the headshot sessions for your entire national team. Our tried and tested methods ensure absolute consistency for your brand across multiple locations and dates. Your team pages and marketing literature should look seamless, giving the impression to the viewer that all of the professional portraits were taken on the same date at the same location. We can even shoot your new recruits as they are hired and provide them with identical lighting, posing, coaching and editing so they exactly match the images from your previous headshot sessions.

Our pricing structure is built around a simple half-day rate and a per-image price. We don’t lock you in to any packages or complicated pricing/licencing structures, we simply deliver the best process for your company at a fixed price that’s easy to understand. Subjects can choose their favourite images and select them for editing during their headshot session and if necessary, all images can be sent for approval by senior staff members. Alternatively we can pick out the best images of your team based on a number of years of experience, the images are retouched and delivered in multiple formats, sizes and orientations to meet your individual requirements.

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